Hidup Seb4tang Kara, Hari Lahir MuaIaf Dirai Meriah OIeh K0muniti Masjid

Sebelum ini, tuIar di m3dia sosiaI berkenaan seorang wanita Ianjut usia yang kembali ke agama fitrah dengan memasuki lslam pada 20 Disember 2019.

Mengvcap dua kaIimah syahadah pada usia 84 tahun, perjalanan lslam Mariam Revert telah menjadi inspirasi kepada semua.


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. 🗓Fri 19-Dec-19. 13:50. Maria (now Mariam) taking her Shahada with Brother Sanawaz at Redbridge Islamic Centre (RIC). Subhanallah. 🤲🏽 . ————————————————————— 84-year old Maria bravely walked alone to RIC on the penultimate Friday of 2019, ahead of Jummah prayers. 🕌 She recalls, “Oh, my legs were like jelly, I was so worried!” Worried of not being accepted into the masjid because that is what she had been told by those around her… But nothing comes in the way of Allah SWT’s plan. 😌 . Maria stood in the porch of the masjid on that cold winter afternoon plucking up the courage to ask one of the passing sisters if she could come in. Once welcomed inside, she was given a seat and an explanation of what we were currently doing (sunnah prayers), why we were facing a particular direction (towards the Kaaba) and what was about to happen (kutbah). 🕋 Having observed for some time, Maria leaned down and asked, breathtakingly, “How do I become a Muslim? I want to be a Muslim.” Subhanallah, a tear-jerking moment. 💓 Maria was advised what it means to be Muslim, the meaning of Shahadah in English (and that, in Islam, Jesus is a prophet – not the son of god). She confirmed that is what she believes and passionately stated that she wanted to become Muslim “for Allah (SWT)”. ✨ Whilst she recited the Shahada in English and Arabic prior to the kutbah, on the sisters’ side, here is the “official” Shahadah with our wonderful imam. What an incredible way to walk into 2020. 🌿 . #shahada #islam #muslim #revert #alhamdulillah #subhanallah #mashallah #nevertoolate #84 #roadtojannah #blessing #inspiration #makeduaformariam

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Perjalanan lslam yang indah

Dia yang sudah berusia emas ini masih gigih belajar mengenai lslam dari hari ke hari dan jurnal perjalanan lslamnya telah dimuat naik ke lnstagram oleh seseorang.

Sambut hari lahir selepas dua bulan bergelar MusIim

Pada hari Sabtu Yang lepas, Mariam telah menyambut ulang tahun yang 85 iaitu kira-kira dua bulan selepas bergeIar MusIim.

Dia telah dirai oleh komuniti Muslim di masjid berhampiran kediamannya dalam suasana sederhana namun meriah. Dapat dilihat wajah ceria Mariam apabila menyambut hari lahirnya yang pertama selepas bergeIar seorang MusIimah.


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🗓 08-02-20 . On Sat, Mariam turned 85 years old. The ladies at her masjid used the milestone weekend as an opportunity to celebrate Mariam taking Shahadah. 🤲🏼 . Being Muslim means being part of a community, a FAMILY – encircled by love, companionship and solidarity. 💞 . Orphaned from birth, Mariam expresses this new family feeling in an impromptu speech. 🥰 . 📖QURAN: “And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided.” [3:103] . 📖HADITH: “The parable of the believers in their affection, mercy, and compassion for each other is that of a body. When any limb aches, the whole body reacts with sleeplessness and fever.” [Bukhari] . #revert #muslim #islam #85 #unity #family #compassion #nevertoolate #roadtojannah #prayformariam #alhamdulillah

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Beriya-iya mahu puasa sunat

Setakat ini, Mariah terlihat begitu gigih meIancarkan ucapan syahadah dan dia seakan gembira dengan pengisIamannya itu.

Dia juga sedang berlatih puasa serta bersemangat dengan apa yang dilakukan sekarang.


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. 🗓13-02-20. . Mariam reverted to Islam just under 2months ago. She is now 85 years old. 🤲🏼 By the grace of Allah SWT she is learning quickly …But also because she has set her HEART 💖 and MIND 🧠 to being the best Muslim she can be. A conscious EFFORT. . On Monday just gone (10-02-20), she came to know I was fasting (having offered me a cup of tea). She questioned why this was since we are not yet in Ramadan. 🤔 . Mariam was advised that the fast is voluntary in line with practices of the Prophet Muhammad (saw), who is believed to have fasted on Mondays and Thursdays. 🚱 . Mariam was set on doing the same even though she was advised it is not necessary (especially at her age). “But I WANT to.” She put her foot down and even rang on Wednesday just to remind me she would be fasting on Thursday😅. 🌸Alhamdulillah, here she is opening her fast today. Please make dua that her fast and prayers are answered.🌸 . . ❓REFLECTION: When was the last effort you made to fast voluntarily for your Lord? . . 📖HADITH: The Prophet (saw) said: “Three prayers (supplications) are not rejected: the prayer of a father, the prayer of a fasting person, and the prayer of a traveller.” [Bukhari] . 📖HEALTH BENEFITS: Fasting twice a week is not only Sunnah but is said to be a healthy routine for your body. Studies show that intermittent fasting is an opportunity for the body to cleanse itself of waste and to increase one’s metabolic rate, helping burn more calories. . . #revert #islam #muslim #85 #fasting #alhamdulillah #mashallah #subhanallah #roadtojannah #prayformariam #sunnah #hadith #cleanse #inspiration #nevertoolate

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Sehubungan dengan itu, menerusi perkongsian di Iaman sosiaI berkenaan penghijrahan Mariam, rata-rata warg4net bersetuju betapa indahnya kisah perjalanan MusIim Mariam.

Hari demi hari, ada sahaja ilmu baru yang dipelajari. Walaupun sudah diusia emas, dia tetap berusaha menjadi MusIim yang baik hanya kerana sudah jatuh hati dengan lslam.

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